White Coats
White Coats
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After her husband commits her to a mental institution in the 1930s, Wilma Cooke gives birth to her fourth child. She is not allowed to see the baby. But her doctor, a kindly man named Dr. John Stewart, has no children of his own and decides to secretly adopt the boy. He names him Brandon.

As the years pass, Brandon grows to be a strong, intelligent young man. He enters medical school in Chicago, and sometimes helps his father at the mental institution. It is there that he realizes Wilma is his real mother. He starts asking his father questions and learns that he has two brothers and a sister. For Brandon, meeting them becomes one of the most important quests of his life.

When Brandon finds his now-grown siblings, he’s jubilant and plans to have a reunion along with Wilma. There are tough questions about his real father that Brandon still wants answered. But he has medical school to get through and he doesn’t need any distractions. Should he open the door to the past or leave well enough alone?

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Tenny Wilson is a veteran of World War II. She worked numerous years for the US government and retired in 1985. Wilson then entered the Peace Corps and taught gardening in the village of Bossembele in the Central African Republic. She currently lives in the United States.

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