The Forgotten World
The Forgotten World
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“An exciting plot in a young adult genre that today’s teens can’t seem to get enough of.”

—The Haynes Team Editors

Fourteen-year-old Angie hasn’t had what you’d call a happy childhood. She’s never really had a home. Because of her family’s financial situation, she’s never lived in one place for very long—until they found that one house, where they got to stay for eight wonderful years. Now, they are forced to leave again. This time, Angie is not only leaving a place; she’s leaving her school and her best friend, Derrick.

As a parting gift, Derrick gives Angie a jade necklace so that she’ll never forget him. At the time, Angie doesn’t realize the importance of the necklace. She’s too busy hating her new home. Forced to move in with her party animal aunt, Angie wishes for escape. Little does she know, creatures in a faraway dimension are about to grant her wish. They have big plans for young Angie, but the road will not be easy.

One day Angie is taken away to this foreign dimension. Her family believes she has disappeared; in reality, she has been transported to another world, where she is surrounded by unfamiliar creatures. Now, she must discover who is friend or foe, as she travels the long, difficult path back to her own world. What does fate have in store for Angie, and will she live to fulfill her purpose in another dimension as well as on Earth?


In a dimension forgotten by earth, a large throne sat in the middle of an electronic room. It pulsated, sparkling, blue beating like a heart. The room was busy with creatures clicking away on their keyboards, not paying attention to anyone else accept themselves. A horned creature paced back and forth trying to grasp the situation. He paused and glanced up at his master that sat on the large thrown. His master was like his father in such a way, if it was not for his height he would have mixed them up. The young master sat snobbishly on his thrown, which was almost too big for him.

He watched his servant pace without a word until he became annoyed. “Are you done worrying, Haid? Because if you are, I would like to move on.” The horned creature immediately snapped out of it and returned to his young master’s side. He pushed a glossy red button on the arm of the throne that opened a circular section in the middle of the floor. The floor spat out a blank globe of thousands of thin metal sheets squeezed together tightly. The globe flashed repeatedly until an image swirled around it. A girl, about fourteen years old, trotted through a park, moody. She plopped on a bench surrounded by various trees and flower bushes. Her eyes glided across the tall buildings that created a fake sunrise and continually talked to herself for a minute while holding her gaze.

The young master rested his chin in the palm of his hand and smiled at the image. “It’s her. There’s no lie,” he said. Haid shook his head in disbelief then whispered to him, “It’s a girl, though.”

His master frowned at his comment. “It doesn’t matter, Haid. Deal with it.” Another creature swayed side to side getting his attention. She smirked and mocked Haid’s attitude.

Haid grunted and spat words at her in their own language. “I for one like the idea that it’s a girl,” she said sticking her tongue out. “Yes. It doesn’t matter what gender it is. What matters is that it’s here and we’ll soon meet her face to face.” She batted her eye lashes flattered at his response.

The horned creature groaned and glared at her. “Don’t we have something for the skin stealer? Like a job that keeps her mouth shut.” She rolled her eyes at Haid yet she waited for an answer from her master. “It would make me happy if my most loyal skin stealer would come up with an idea to get close to her.” “Already done my dear. But I can’t tell you it’s a surprise,” she said putting her index finger to her lips. They all stared at the image with different intentions. It will be a hard road for that kid Haid thought to himself. But there’s no other way to go.

Tiffani Martin is currently a student at Bridgewater College in Virginia and is majoring in English with a minor in graphic design. In her spare time, she writes and enjoys reading young adult fantasy books.

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