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A hundred years in the future, humans have finally cracked the secrets of time travel. By manipulating the energy in the Higgs Quantum Electromagnetic Field with their minds, individuals can travel freely throughout both space and time—but not without a price.

Time travelers are disappearing in the past, never to be heard from again—and no one knows why. Others are returning from the past and claiming to be from another future, another universe. They are declared insane and locked away in mental asylums.

Determined to uncover the truth, two officers from the time travel police force risk everything to get the answers they need. They break all the rules and find themselves in a different future. There, they discover a horrible truth.

To make matters worse, three super villains from a distant future have fled to our time in a desperate bid to hide from their own government. A history professor has dabbled with the Higgs Field to help an ancestor in the past, and his efforts have gone horribly wrong. The two time officers must now set things right before it is too late, but they face impossible odds as each action complicates the next, and the past may not be what it once was.

With so many agendas and so many histories at stake, can the officers unravel the mysteries and stop the criminals before time itself is compromised?

Officer Washer stared at Quinn and Andy.
“Who are you? Those are not regulation uniforms, and I don’t recognize either of you. Hold your position,” he ordered.
“Yes, sir,” Andy responded, ordering his suit to medium protect. Quinn did the same, and both stood still on the sending pad.
Officer Panther looked them up and down, studying their uniforms as he slowly approached the Sending Pad. “Who are you? Women aren’t allowed to serve as travel officers,” he said, glaring at Quinn.
“Look,” Quinn said, “we need to see your captain. We have—”
“I said, ‘Who are you?’” yelled an angry Officer Panther. “Where are you from? Those aren’t regulation uniforms you’re wearing.”
Andy’s and Quinn’s uniforms instantly changed to match the uniforms of the travel officers.
“What the hell?” yelled Officer Washer. “Institute Protocol Thirteen!”
One of the soldiers moved quickly to a control panel. He fiddled with the switches and within seconds a force field formed around Andy and Quinn. Officer Washer ran over to Officer Panther, standing just outside the force field as he faced the intruders. He drew a semi-automatic handgun from his holster and pointed it at Quinn. Officer Panther also drew his weapon, a 97 Smith & Wesson Hyper Disintegrator, and pointed it at Andy. Andy and Quinn stood still.
“Please, we need to talk to your captain. It’s of the utmost importance,” said Quinn.
“Silence!” yelled Officer Panther. “Women are not allowed to make demands. Nor are they allowed to wear pants. I should drop you where you stand.”
“Where we come from, women have the same rights as men,” said Andy. “We mean you no disrespect. We just need to talk to your captain. We’re from a different future. We want to discuss our research with your captain.”
Officers Washer and Panther exchanged skeptical looks.
“Different future? That’s impossible. No one can change the future without us knowing about it. The Field would contain the information about the change,” retorted Officer Washer. “And only those with Level 2 Clearance are allowed to time travel.”
Quinn bit her lower lip. “Look, sir, I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe—”
“What’s going on here?” asked a shrill voice as Captain Amison Todd, a small skinny man with an imposing, high-pitched voice entered the Sending Room and stormed up to the sending pad. Every person in the room snapped to attention, except Andy and Quinn. “At ease, men,” said Captain Todd. He slowly eyed the two time officers surrounded by the force field. “Who are you two? And how did you get in here?” he demanded.
“We’re time officers from—”
“This is a top-secret facility. No one knows this place exists, unless we’ve been compromised,” Captain Todd said, interrupting Andy’s response.
“Sir, if you will just give us a moment to explain—” Andy began again.
“Explain? Explain what? I don’t know either of you. And you’re certainly not travel officers or military. The security here is state of the art, yet you two just show up on our sending pad. No one can do that without the proper codes. Hell, no one can do that at all. This place doesn’t technically exist. You must be spies. I don’t know how you got in here, but I know you’re not leaving.” Captain Todd drew his Knighton Arms 110 Plasma Disintegrator and held it up to the force field, pointing it at Quinn. Officers Washer and Panther raised their weapons again.
“Sending Officer Grey, drop this force field,” Captain Todd ordered.
“Yes, sir,” said Officer Grey, taking the controls. The force field evaporated.
As soon as the force field was down, Captain Todd fired his weapon at Quinn. Her shield glowed green around her as it absorbed the energy ray into the Higgs Field.
“What the hell?” yelled a surprised Captain Todd.
He fired at Quinn again with the same result. Perplexed, Captain Todd stepped back, examining his weapon. Quinn and Andy stood still, silently ordering their suits to maximum protect, power mode on, by thought.
“Look,” Andy said calmly, “we mean you no harm. We have information from another future, another universe. We just want to talk.” For a brief moment, Andy and the captain stared each other in the eye. Quinn could tell that Captain Todd did not believe them. Her right hand moved slowly toward her IM. Suddenly, the captain raised his weapon.
“Liars! Spies! All men, fire!” he ordered. Everyone in the room pulled their triggers. A barrage of bullets and power rays melted harmlessly into the protective shields surrounding Quinn and Andy as five soldiers and four travel officers emptied their weapons at them. Within a minute the room fell eerily silent, filled with the smoke of spent gunpowder and the scent of melted lead mixed with the odor of ozone from the energy weapons. The soldiers quickly began to reload.
Captain Todd stood bewildered, his weapon hanging limp from his right hand. He suddenly swung his hand up and fired at the left wall. A hole appeared in the wall as the cement and steel melted away, ran down the wall, and formed a puddle on the floor. The captain holstered his disintegrator and withdrew a long knife from the scabbard on his left hip. He angrily raised it high over his head and advanced on Andy. Andy never flinched as Captain Todd plunged the knife downward towards his chest. Andy watched as the razor-sharp blade struck his shield and dematerialized with a flash of light into the Higgs Field.  The captain’s hand bounced harmlessly off the shield.
Officer Panther ran to the weapons rack at the far side of the room and reached for the largest weapon in the arsenal. He grabbed it and yanked hard on the huge slide as he swung it into firing position. The slide came back, exposing a large opening for the explosive-tipped round, which fed itself from the magazine into the opening. He let go of the slide and the action slammed forward, loading the bomb into the chamber. Captain Todd recognized the sound of the chamber loading behind him and turned to see Officer Panther raise the huge weapon.
“Not the K-28 you idiot! Not in here!” screamed Captain Todd at Officer Panther.
But it was too late. Panther fired from across the room. The soldiers scrambled for cover as the rocket-propelled explosive raced toward the sending pad. With their suits in power mode, Andy and Quinn instantly leapt from the sending pad to the other side of the room, passing by the missile in mid-air. They had barely landed when the projectile soared over the sending pad and struck the back wall.
The explosion blasted the soldiers backward, imbedding them into the walls of the Sending Room. Officers Panther and Washer, along with Officer Grey, were thrown into the equipment behind them, their torsos ripped apart as the equipment disintegrated into them. Metal and glass shrapnel tore through all unprotected bodies, killing those who survived the initial force of the blast. Captain Todd had overturned a table in front of him, which offered protection against the shrapnel, but the table itself had struck him and sent him flying with the blast wave. He was the only one still breathing, and that would not be for long.

Edison Carver grew up in southeast Idaho and western Wyoming. After completing college, he worked in a mundane desk job at an undisclosed government facility for thirty years. Semi-retired, he now lives with his wife in Arizona. Together, they spend summer in the north with family and friends.

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