Three Dreams of the World’s Creation & Soledad: Letters to My Daughter
Three Dreams of the World’s Creation & Soledad: Letters to My Daughter
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Evoking epic poems of a long-gone age, Three Dreams of the World’s Creation and Soledad: Letters to My Daughter presents a three-part novella in free verse that provides an interpretation of the beginning of mankind. Author juanantoñio first addresses the creation of man and woman and their struggle for love and destiny against an ancient, selfish god. The second dream follows the story of guarionex, a taino chief who shapes the identity of his people and then makes first contact with Europeans. In the third dream, juanantoñio introduces Maria, an upper west side Latina who is guided by the spirit of guarionex in her struggle with three angels who try to seduce her with love, power, and then destiny. “Soledad: Letters to my daughter” narrates a series of communications from a father separated from his daughter by time and distance. Filled with vivid and powerful imagery, the verse of Dreams of the World’s Creation and Soledad: Letters to My Daughter speak to the themes of love, identity, man and woman, destruction, creation, time, and destiny.
My ancient home of rounded wooded hills
And jutting cliffs with mantled laps of stone
Embracing and rocking the sea
In time to the Moon’s pulsing tides
Sea and rock shaping each
Half-moon coves hewn as by god-like hands
Boulders strewn as die to read the One Supreme’s
Next act, and the long arc
Of the fiery sun to nothingness,
Now illuminating, frenzied, teeming life
Scuttling crabs, birds and fish, mute shelled forms,
Octupi on waving coral and sea-weed plants
Rolling algae carpets rooted on ancient ocean beds
Lava flows and fossil coral reefs, folded and fluted,
Thrust upward as these same cliffs
The surf pounding and shaping them to gargoyle
Sentinels, crocodiles, winged leviathans,
Byzantine queen in dress and crown
Seated and mounted kings, leaping bears
Mesa paths, cut from stone, as hanging ledges
Honeycombed from below,
Moonscape rocks, pock-marked,
Sharpened to razor’s edge
Chambered nautilus, coral stone
Of all design and shape, water-brushed to reveal
The ancient ocean shells
Peeled back to inner workings,
Water-rammed, deep, pitted caves
That open to Earth’s core,
All this, the island too, teetering to be expelled
On continent’s falling edge
That shouldered Africa long ago
To drift to Asia’s side
juanantoñio is a psychologist and psychoanalyst raised in New York City. Nearing retirement, he regained interest in poetry and art. He now works in mixed media creating spiritual scenes.

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