God's Law of Disintegration Explained
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In the beginning, before anything was created, God crafted the plan for all that was to come. He established rules necessary for the plan to work perfectly. Two distinct concepts came into play: God's Law of Disintegration and SE=MC2.

In Blueprint, author JR McElfesh delves into these concepts and discusses their purpose and how they apply to today's spiritual world. He:

looks at how abstract things are impacted by many forces, including time and space, and he shows how God thinks, why he made the rules, and why they were necessary; draws some conclusions as to how spiritual and/or metaphysical abstracts are impacted by our thinking and the consequences of time and space; probes into the issues of God, creation, and how many things interact, how God uses them, and his final purpose; and offers ideas about how things in time and space react to stress and the forces of our physical world.

Blueprint communicates that God's Law of Disintegration is the spiritual counterpart to all the laws that govern the universe, and it's important for Christians to stay on the right side of the law.

Praise for Blueprint "McElfresh combines imaginative story-telling and examples from Christian history to support his arguments for God's Law of Disintegration. Readers interested in serious Bible story, biblical theology, systematic theology, and Christian apologetics will find this new book a solid and provocative presentation."

-Dr. Warren McWilliams, Oklahoma Baptist University, Chairman of Herschel H. Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry

Chapter 3 Angels and God's Law of Disintegration

The Angelic Rebellion

When the master builder and his family first put their plan into motion, they made some rules of operation. Essentially it was any violation of the rules or any rebellion against the authority of the master builder would require disciplinary action. The choices of Adam and Eve were a violation of the rule "do not eat" and subsequently their questioning the authority of God.

This action by them was initiated by the cunning and crafty Satan. He led them into the temptation to violate the rule "do not eat" and then by his subtly deceitful words caused them to have doubts about the authority and wisdom of the Ageless One. Satan's words inflated Adam and Eve's sense of pride and appealed to their apparent lack of knowledge about good and evil. His ploy was that God was "withholding" from them something they had a right to know. His ruse worked. They bit into the forbidden fruit and gained knowledge that was withheld from them. What they lost was being in the center of God's Will and the protection that it brought. What they gained was the judgment of God's Law of Disintegration.

Satan had won his goal of deceiving Adam and Eve. They were now to pay the ultimate price for giving into the temptation and allowing themselves to be deceived. Who was this one who instigated breaking the rule "do not eat?" Why was this agitator in the Garden of Eden who dared to question God? Where did he come from and how did he get into this perfect world that the Master Builder had created? We will now try to examine these questions and others about God's Law of Disintegration. The incursion begins. Heaven's Peace Rattled

Heaven is at peace. The Master Builder and His Family are happy and busily involved in laying the foundation for the memorial they want to build. There is an excited hum of busy workers performing their assigned task. The plan is working and things are on schedule, but things are not all quite what they appear.

Heaven's perfection is about to be shattered! The Master has detected an undercurrent of unrest and discontent. He calls the project manager, Lucifer, who is responsible for the work that is to be done. The Master has given to him the responsibility for issuing instructions and receiving back request for supplies and directions on how to implement the plan.

Lucifer is asked to report to the Master's Family. They ask: why are there delays in the work and why are some of the supplies not where they should be? The Master asks his project manager, Lucifer, to make a full inquiry and report to him. The Master and His Family wait patiently. The requested report is not delivered and Lucifer brings excuses, not timely answers.

The Master is now determined to find answers. He and His Family promptly go to all areas that are involved in the plan. They quickly do an intense and complete audit of all activity and each event status. They find major problems.

Among the workers, there is chaos and confusion. Some of the needed supplies are missing. Timetables and directions on what and how things are to be done are missing or are misstated. Obvious errors are evident in the work being done. The Master calls for a meeting of all workers and asks for explanations.

It soon becomes evident that Lucifer, the project manager, has been the instigator of a failure to follow the rules and some outright insubordination. The meeting is soon disrupted by an attitude of outright defiance to the Master's design and commands. The Master now has no choice but to remind all of the workers about the rules and the consequences for willful disobedience. He speaks judgment and God's Law of Disintegration instantly is applied. The consequences are instant and complete. The lawbreakers are instantly contained and ejected from Heaven.

The Master invokes His right to assert control and reminds them of His authority. He has the right to regain control of the project and suppress any act of rebellion. His authority extends to being the judge and jury for any acts that are in violation of the rules. The rebels protest! They clamor that they were only exercising their God given rights. The Master gently reminds them that He is the rule maker! It is His project and He has the right to issue the rules and how they are to be administered.

The rebels start a brawl with those that the Master has put in positions of authority. The Master issues the order that the rebels are to be subdued and brought to trial for rebellious resistance and disobedience to the Master's rules for the project. The rebels react violently to the commands of those in authority and refuse to surrender. After a time all of the rebels are subdued. They are bound and turned over to the Master for trial and judgment. At their trial they are found guilty of insubordination, mutiny and revolt against the rules of the Master.

The verdict of their trial is guilty on all counts. About one third of the workers are found guilty of insurrection and mutiny. Lucifer the Project Manager is also found guilty of insubordination as well as mutiny and revolt. Their punishment is removal from Heaven and God's Law of Disintegration has been invoked. They will at a future time suffer the full consequences of their guilt. During the meantime, they are to be confined and imprisoned on the estate of Lucifer, the project manager. Before the rebellion, they had the freedom to come and go as they pleased anywhere in Heaven, they are now restrained and confined to this former estate that belonged to Lucifer.

Not that bad, they thought. We still have our freedom on Lucifer's former estate. They thought we will just set up our own project with Lucifer in charge. However, they did not expect the other part of their punishment. The Master turned out the lights! They had never been in darkness. This was an unexpected spin on their punishment. They had no way of coping with this unforeseen and startling turn of events.

Being in total darkness was an experience of the kind that they had never encountered. As they floundered and lurched around in the darkness, it was obvious that becoming organized was impossible. This former estate of Lucifer's did not lend itself well to rebels without sight and only selfish self-interest as motivation. In their frustration, they began to blame the Master Builder and His Family. They held them responsible for their dilemma even though the rebels themselves were the ones who broke the rules and violated the Master Builder's agreement. They refused to take responsibility for their own actions.

Now that the rebels had been evicted from Master Builder's domain, things in Heaven returned to normal. The rebellion had been suppressed and peace was restored. The Master Builder and His Family again assumed all responsibilities for the project. The plan was resumed and all needed supplies were located and provided. Heaven was at peace once more and the work was proceeding according to schedule.

JR McElfresh has served more than thirty years as a deacon, teacher, and church leader. This present work is the result of five years of intense effort including work on the mission field. His insight comes from the teaching of several pastors, professors, and church leaders. This is McElfresh's third book.


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