The Monk and the Tree
The Monk and the Tree
An Ayahuasca Journey of Love beyond the 3D
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“Mother Ayahuasca, How long have I known my wife?” To this simple yet inspired question, asked by author James H. Scheller; the answer unveiled to him is the story of The Monk and the Tree.

A child monk named Malian, is special for so many reasons—notably, she is a girl who has been accepted into the Dao monkhood, an honor typically denied to women, during this age of time of unwritten history. So pure and in tune is Malian’s spirit with the Dao that she is truly one with all around her. She is on a path, reveling in the simple act of living, when she meets a small, furry creature. The little animal leads Malian to a quiet and peaceful place high above a beautiful valley, and implores her to play music for the forest. She plays, unwittingly rousing the discomforted spirit of the tree at whose roots she’s settled.

Feeling his energy surround her, Malian is moved by the disquiet within the tree—and the tree hopes beyond hope that Malian can quiet the discord within him. Where does love come from, and what can it endure? Find out in this hauntingly resonant tale of lives past.

If you were allowed to see a past life of yours, while being in a conscious state of mind–Being fully coherent and in control of your faculties. Would you believe what you saw? The Monk and the Tree is a real story of how one man was shown the life he lived years before the modern world, and now lives a life of true love with the woman he has loved for more than 2000 years.

James H. Scheller was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. He attended a Lutheran Church and a Catholic high school. Having been exposed to several faiths, during his military career, he finally found peace after receiving the blessing of the Dao. It is through divine intervention, that this story became a realization which he shares. He currently lives in Florida.

I loved this story. I have not experienced anything in my Ayahuasca Journeys like this story, but I learned through Shamanic teachings that there are some people who can slow the effects of this experience and get a visual on their memory
Mark White 

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