Time’s Disease
Time’s Disease
Laurent In Chains
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When a young prophetess is rescued from genocide by a retired veteran, our prolific duo teams up with a sultry bounty hunter who falls for any heroic heart. Old comrades unite amid the chaotic collapse of a world power, and rebel armies form new alliances. A princess learns of her true heritage while tribes waken powers of olden. A practitioner of occult science self-fulfills temple prophecy by resurrecting his father from the grave, only to realize the Free People he despises have become his only salvation.

Many believe these inevitable events were written in the stars from the dawn of time, and prophets are merely observant students of precession who study repetitive patterns within endless successions of natural cycles. Others say it is impossible to predict legendary incidents which happened before and are destined to occur again. Civilizations have come and gone, leaving historical warnings carved on ancient walls. Unheeded and forgotten by myth, eras are reborn to rise and fall until there comes an age when every god's immortality nears its end…

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Time's Disease offers the classical allure of mythology with enduring messages very relevant to current events. Futuristic themes revolve around castle landscapes to create this novel recipe: a dash of mysticism, sprinkled by romance and topped by spatters of horror. Sup from hope’s cup amid epic tragedy, to partake of this bold tale. Revealed by Illiana Rhea and told by the very characters themselves, this is Laurent In Chains.

Kyra clutched the dagger to her breast as she looked back one last time. Flickering firelight consumed the only world she knew, stealing away every dream and aspiration. In a single night everything this prophetess loved had been taken from her in a flash… She wished she could forget it just as quickly as they now fled, not realizing her prayers would be answered. Swift and silent feet carried Kyra as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Shadows bathed them in seclusion as a cloak of fur hid them away from the eye of the world. Alas they reached a boxy wagon and the flames behind them were but a glow on the horizon, though the spark of this instant would reflect in dove gray eyes for eternity. Only one question remained unanswered. Who could have possibly done such a thing?

R.S. Ebert spent a decade over the road, driving through 48 states and Canada to help create the fictional landscapes found within Time’s Disease. Encouraged to pursue a literary career by Art Department President Mr. Stevens, R.S Ebert has since been penning Time’s Disease in beautiful Ohio.

Eloquently written and poetic, awesome landscapes and interesting character development.

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