In the Hall of the Mountain King
In the Hall of the Mountain King
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Peer Gynt, a naughty little boy who disobeys his mother to stay out searching for treasure, discovers a magnificent cave that leads him deep into the heart of another world.

Peer Gynt is a naughty little boy who often steals, plays mean tricks, and never helps his mother. More than anything else, Peer enjoys searching for treasures near his cottage in the mountains of Norway. Every day he leaves his cottage to go treasure hunting, and every day his mother asks him to be home before dark. However, one night—a particularly magical night—Peer decides to ignore his mother’s request and continues searching for treasure long after the sun has set. He discovers a marvelous cave, the likes of which he’s never seen before. Certain that there must be magnificent treasures within, Peer ventures deep inside the cave. His expedition leads him straight to the center of the mountain, into the hall of the Mountain King.

As mischievous Peer Gynt soon learns, the Mountain Kingdom is a land of the extraordinary. He finds himself face-to-face with beings of myth and magic and a greater danger than he’s ever encountered in his life. Will he survive to tell his mother where he’s been?

There once was a little boy named Peer Gynt. He was a very bad boy. He stole things, played tricks, and never helped his mother. Peer would often spend time in the woods near his house, exploring the two mountains nearby for treasures. His mother always told him about the dangers of the mountains, but he never believed her.

Each day, Peer’s mother told him that he needed to be home before sundown. As he ran out of the door, his mother would always yell, “Please, stay away from any strange areas! And be home before dark!” As luck would have it, Peer usually made it home just in time, so he wasn’t worried.

Peer explored the two mountains and did not find anything. He sat down by a pine tree and dozed off for a few minutes. He wasn’t asleep for long when he was startled by a bird chirping in a nest just above his head.

Megan Ditmore Endicott is an elementary music teacher in Georgia. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Georgia and is currently enrolled in the educational technology program at Central Michigan University. Megan, her husband, Steve, and son, Harper, live in Roswell, Georgia, and they are excited about the arrival of Endicott baby number two!

Heather Ditmore Colbeck graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in landscape architecture. Her graphic skills were used to depict residential and commercial designs throughout North Georgia. Heather and her husband, Chris, currently reside in Johns Creek, Georgia.


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