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Home for Good
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Jeff Williams is an aging, well-known writer who recently lost his beloved wife to cancer. Marilyn was his everything. Both writers, they fit together like puzzle pieces, and without her, he's not sure how to hang on. He has some help from his neighbor and close friend, Alice, but nothing can fill the gaping hole left behind by the loss of his spouse.

While working on a manuscript about the joys of his marriage, Jeff falls into a serious bout of writer's block. He knows it's due to the loss of Marilyn, and he barely cares, hurling his typewriter from the window. That's when Alice steps in and suggests a therapist, Dr. Joan Steele. Joan will help fix Jeff's writer's block--and hopefully more.

Joan tries conventional methods of psychiatric treatment, but nothing gets through to Jeff. She realizes she's going to have to be a bit unconventional to break this man's grief. They experiment with an unorthodox treatment method, and both Jeff and Joan are surprised at the results as together they slowly, carefully move past turmoil and fall into love.

The girls were reaching for Alice's finger food when Jamie whispered to Alice, "Could we talk a little business before we leave?"
"It's very important, Alice," responded Carly.
"Everyone is beginning to leave. Why don't we go into the dining room?" The girls never acted this way before and it gave Alice a eerie feeling. The three sat at the dining table and Carly began to explain, "We understand that your house guest is looking for a home. Would she be interested in buying ours?"
"I don't know for sure, but she thought you two had the style home she wanted. In fact, when she told me that last night, I began searching the computer, for that style."
"We want you to handle the selling of our home. Everything stays."
"Even all your antiques?"
"Everything." Jamie responded nervously.
"I hate to do this sale for you girls because I don't want you to leave."
"If you don't, we'll get someone else, and we don't want to do that," threatened Jamie.
Alice was surprised and somewhat nonplused that the girls were not explaining why such a drastic change in their life style was about to happen, but she respected their wishes and didn't ask any more questions.
In a few minutes everyone was clamoring out the door and Alice locked it behind her. Alice shouted, "Now who is going with who, or whom is going with whom?" With a beautiful night and a sixty-degree forecast until mid-night, Spinga lowered the top on his 88 Oldsmobile and looked around for women. "Hey Karen and Sara, how about coming with Mark and me? It'll be like a double date. Mark, you can pick up your car later."

Gerald James Avila lives in Turlock, California, with his wife, Arlene, and their Shih Tzu, Gizmo. He has two grown children, Jennifer and Jake. He is also the author of Table of Hearts and is currently at work on two additional books.


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