Deadly Summers in Alaska
Deadly Summers in Alaska
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A serial killer is on the loose in Alaska, killing women who all look alike. Each woman is found abandoned in the uninhabited wilderness, and the only commonality among them is that they all physically resemble Denise “Birdie” Beardtom, an Alaska State Trooper. It would appear that someone wants Birdie dead, and it could be her abusive ex-husband.

Her partner, Miles, is concerned for Birdie’s safety. He enlists local friends Myrna Elam and John Lebowan to keep an eye on her. But Myrna has problems of her own, as she faces nightly dreams that seem strangely similar to the recent murder spree. Is it safe for Myrna to stay near Birdie, or could Myrna need protection as well?

As more bodies pile up, the crew calls for backup from the Fairbanks State Troopers Office. Due to the lack of evidence, however, they too are perplexed by the case. Running out of options, Birdie realizes she may be the only key to catching a killer—even if she has to act as bait. Can Birdie stop a madman before he kills again, or will she become his next and final victim?

The woman was running for her life, the man who she vaguely remembered from the local bar in Galen, was chasing her, her beautiful hazel eyed were wild with terror. She remembered how charming he was at the bar and she left after drinking a couple of White Russian drinks with him, she remembered it was close to 2am when she left and headed for her truck and someone came up behind her. That was the last she remembered until waking up, naked, tied and blindfolded, in what sounded like a small plane. The plane was landing somewhere on water, she could tell from the feel of the landing that it was water. Someone dragged her out of the plane and cut her ties and took off her blindfold and told her to run if she wanted to live. His words were “run for your life if you escape you live if not your dead”. She didn’t even hesitate she ran for the trees, but her legs were cramped from lack of movement and she almost fell but her hard training as a mountain climber helped as she ran and jumped over dead trees and stumps. Though she’s short she has hard muscles from climbing mountains all over North America. The thorns and branches caught on her curly brown hair and scratched her naked skin while the debris on the ground cut her feet but she kept running never looking back because she could hear him behind her, laughing and taunting her. It was getting darker and she figured it was about 12 midnight as it never fully got dark during the summer in Alaska. She was slowly getting tired and stitches were throbbing in her sides and legs were starting to cramp, but she kept running. All of sudden she tripped and fell on a log or something and slammed her head into a tree, she was stunned and trying to hold on to consciousness but everything went black. As she looked up through the dark canopy of the pine trees she realized she was going to get caught and god knows what the bastard had planned for her, she was sure of one thing whatever he was going to do was not going to be good.
The man was over the woman tied to a pine tree by her feet and tied to young pine trees by her wrists. A knife was pressed against her throat as her captor was raping her. Her hazel eyes were glazed over with pain and terror. She had no fight left in her, not even the will to survive. She thought of her friends warning of never talking to strangers and wept with despair as she knew death was certain. Her thoughts shifted to the things she never got to do, the mountains she dreamed of climbing, the wish to go and climb Mt. McKinley. All that will never happen. The killer taunted her as he slowly trailed the knife down her chest, drawing a slow trickle of blood. He laughed as he thought of how easy it was to trap her. She screamed as he plunged the knife in her chest and again in her abdomen. He watched the blood gushing out, spurting into his face. He laughed with glee as the life started ebbing out of her. With one final thrust into her he came and at the same time he stabbed her one final time into her heart. He hummed a tune to himself and he prepared her for his final plan.

S. A. E. Sam is an Athabascan Indian who was born and raised in rural Alaska, where she still lives today. She enjoys the outdoors and snowshoe running. She is married and is the mother of six children and the grandmother of four. This is her first book.


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