Inspiration in Small Doses
Inspiration in Small Doses
Uplifting Short Stories and Essays
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Inspiration in Small Doses: Uplifting Short Stories and Essays rests upon a promise it makes to its readers, "This book is an offering to help you find those elusive keys that unlock the doors to richer living." In assembling and grouping a collection of brief pieces, Michele K. Synegal, a renowned teacher and consultant in the field of human development, offers a ten-part resource to help individuals achieve more than they thought possible.

In its short stories and essays, Inspiration in Small Doses looks at a variety of topics: work, money, and success; perseverance; change; gratitude; grace, love, and forgiveness; discovering one's higher self; intention; expectation and faith; prayer; and dominion. The brief chapters in these sections use stories and reflections to explore various facets of the topics and to point the way toward locating the keys that unlock the doors to new possibilities. Each chapter ends with an affirmation that lifts up the theme of the chapter and points out the way forward.

Many people face today's world and feel weighed down by the volume of threats and challenges that stare back at them. Inspiration in Small Does: Uplifting Short Stories and Essays suggests an alternate perspective. When you focus upon the deep and inexhaustible sources of inspiration that reside beneath us all, you will find your hand grasping the key that opens the door to the possibilities of doing more than you had dreamed you could achieve.

Amongst the vast multitude of inspirational books flooding bookstore shelves, Michele Synegal's Inspiration in Small Doses, stands out from the rest. The author has chosen to not simply construct a collection of quotes, truths and principles to live by. Rather, she shares her own intimate real-life accounts to demonstrate how she has risen above life's imposing circumstances . The author draws from a rich background of ministerial training. She has come to discern the depths of human nature and the power of honoring the presence of God to help navigate and ride out the stormy seas of life. How do you find liberation from the confines of fear? What does it mean to live with intention? How can you discover your authentic self? How can you manifest the power of expectation to enhance your life? How can you turn debilitating emotions like fear, guilt, shame, and lack of self-confidence into self-love and personal power? What is living grace and sacred service?

The answers to such important questions can be better understood with stories. Through compelling personal accounts, the author tells how she developed strength and perseverance to succeed in spite of life's obstacles. This book offers readers practical wisdom, spiritual direction and a new design for life to deal with the wide scope of life's problems like money, work, success, relationships and change.

Readers will find numerous affirmations to reinforce the profound spiritual messages the author relates through her stories. Inspiration in Small Doses shows us the ways to accomplish what we set our hearts on while staying in close communion with God.

Michele K. Synegal, a Religious Science minister and president of Management Dynamics, Inc., a consulting firm, has provided inspirational talks and workshops in the field of human development for more than three decades, earning her widespread recognition as an esteemed teacher, public speaker, consultant, and visionary.


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