The Stable
The Stable
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As the day faded into night, the animals were amazed that the little manger remained bathed in a beautiful soft light. There was no lantern in the stable, no hearth for a fire, and outside the stable the night was darkening. But inside, the face of the woman seemed to glow.

The man returned, and from the bundles they had carried prepared a small amount of bread and fruit for the woman. The donkey lay down close to his master, staring at the face of the woman. Something about her was very special, he sensed.

The Stable is an unusual Christmas story that shares the tale of more than one miracle that occurred on that holy night in Bethlehem. You will be left wondering what really happens in stables, barns, and pastures everywhere each Christmas Eve. This sweet story will bring a smile to every child’s face, because they do believe in miracles.

Travelling to the village where the man had been born, the donkey sensed something special about this journey. The woman, who was soon to give birth, sang softly. As daylight faded they arrived at the village, tired and weary, unaware that a night of miracles lay ahead.
Sharon Feldt, a retired Kindergarten teacher, was born more than a few years ago on April Fool’s Day in Galveston, Texas. She has written and published poetry and magazine articles, but The Stable is her first children’s book. She is currently working on a series of children’s books whose main character, delightful red-headed Sarah O’Shea leads readers on funny and amazing adventures all over the world! When not writing, Sharon reads, quilts, gardens and travels. She lives with her husband John, an attorney, and their two cats, Willie and Waldo, in their East Texas country home.

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