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Eighteen year old Alex Newlynn has moved back to her home town of Towers, Montana. The memories are still fresh in her mind but Alex is still hoping to have a normal senior year with her family and friends. But family secrets and feelings long buried make it hard. Then comes the one thing that can ruin her life along with the town. He’s back to haunt them when Alex finds an envelope taped to her bedroom window.
Alex made it through her second week of school with no problem. She was done with her first five constellations and was ready to start the next five. Everything was going good for her. She felt really happy and safe for the first time since she moved back. It was a feeling she could get use too. Alex made her way out of the school that Friday and toward home. Half way home her mom called to tell her she was at her grandparent’s house and that they were eating over there tonight. Since she was almost home Alex decided to drop her things off. When she got there she went to her room and was about to toss her things on her bed from the doorway when something caught her eye. Her book bag and purse fell to her feet as a chill ran down her back and all the color drained from her face. There taped to the inside of her window was an envelope with her name and a skull on the front written in red sloppy letters. Alex couldn't move. She wasn’t sure she would ever be able to move again. She didn't want to believe what she was seeing. Was that envelope really taped to her window? Closing her eyes she prayed that she was only seeing things. That it was a flash back to the past and nothing more. Taking a deep breath she slowly let her eyes open. Her body shook with fear. It was still there. Before she knew what she was doing she was walking over to the window. Her legs felt like pieces of lead. She was just inches away of finding out if it was really what she hoped it wasn't but knew it could only be one thing. With her hands shaking she pulled the envelope off her window. At first she could only stare down at it as the feel of the envelope in her hand caused memories from the past to flash across her mind. She could see all the times she pulled envelopes off this very window. Alex licked her lips then bite down on her bottom lip. Her heart was pounding in her ears as she opened it, reading out loud in a whisper what the letter said. NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK IN TOWERS. I BET YOU MISSED ME. I SURE MISSED YOU. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUN? I KNOW I AM. Alex fell to her knees, tears falling down her cheeks. 'Towers Terror' was back and he was after her. He had waited over two years for her to come back. Again it was all her fault. She felt numb from head to toe. What was she supposed to do now? Tell someone? Everybody in Towers was happy that the nightmare was over. If she told someone that would mean she had brought the nightmare back to Towers. She had brought the fear back to the people. They would all blame her for sure. Two years and nothing and she moves back and the Terror strikes again. Alex looked at the envelope in her hand and the letter in the other one. Maybe it was a joke. Someone put it there to scare her. But who would want to do that? She had only been back a little over two weeks. Brooke came to her mind. Maybe it was her? No, it couldn't be she was at school all day and at cheerleading practice after school. Then who else? A noise outside snapped her head up. Her eyes zeroed in on her window. Alex remembered she was the only one home. She had to walk all the way to her grandparents’ house alone. It was a twenty minute walk. Shoving the letter back in the envelope, Alex stumbled getting up. Grabbing her purse as she ran out of her bedroom, down the hall and out on the front porch. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area around her house. Everything looked normal but her heart was still pounding with fear from the envelope. Which everything had looked normal the past two weeks and then she comes home to find an envelope taped to her window from 'Towers Terror'. On the inside, no less. Alex took a deep breath prayed Lord let me make it, then took off running down the long dirt road. If anything did happen at least she would already be running. Alex kept her mind off the envelope stuffed way down deep in her purse while she ran. She made it to her grandparent’s in record time. Stopping on the front porch Alex caught her breath and calmed down her nerves. Opening the door she glanced over her shoulder. It can’t all start again. At least I hope not. She found her mom and grandparents in the living room.
Latosha lives in Alabama. She has loved writing since the age of twelve. Envelopes is her second novel. Her other novels include The Girls of Charity.

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