Deadly Summers in Alaska II
Deadly Summers in Alaska II
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Denise “Birdie” Beardtom of the Alaska State Troopers has barely recovered from a case that almost cost her life. A woman used to saving victims almost became one herself, which is why she’s still jumpy when another woman ends up dead under her jurisdiction. The woman was raped and murdered, and there are no clues to lead them to a possible suspect.

Birdie enlists the help of her usual team: Trooper Miles, Trooper Masonic, and Lieutenant Steven Lambert, known as “The Loo.” Together, they scour rivers and forests for any evidence of a killer who seems to have no conscience. The body count quickly rises, so the FBI sends an agent to help in the search. Despite all the expertise, Birdie finds herself no closer to finding their killer.

The Loo does his duty and heads as far away as New York City, where he uncovers startling information about the serial monster that eludes them. Again, Birdie somehow feels personally connected. She can’t shake the feeling that the killer is coming for her. She and her team have to stop him before her life becomes the next he takes.

Chapter 1

Spring 2014

The woman was running for her life, a man was after her, she tried to keep ahead of him, but she was tiring, she felt him closing in. “Oh my god, how am I going to get out of this,” she thought to herself, “I just have to keep going. I can’t let him catch me.” She was so cold and naked, must have been running for about a mile in the -20 degree weather. Suddenly she was slammed to the ground, the wind knocked out of her, almost causing her to lose consciousness. She was turned over onto her back and a man was over her, too dark to see in the twilight, she couldn’t make out who he was, only that he was nailing her to the ice with picks of some kind, both her hands and feet were tied to picks and nailed solidly into the ice. Freezing and losing hope she recalled seeing him outside at the dance during the carnival at Birch, it was fleeting, but she remembered because he was staring at her so intently and something about him seemed evil, made her shiver with fear.

S. A. E. Sam is an Athabascan Indian, born and raised in rural Alaska. She grew up with a deep respect for her native land, water, and animals. Sam still lives in Alaska along with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She is also the author of Deadly Summers in Alaska.


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