The Mysterious Witch on Euclid
The Mysterious Witch on Euclid
Book One in the Off the Beaten Path Series
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The little town of Marionville, Missouri, is known for its white squirrels, pretty girls, and a supposed evil witch who lives on Euclid Street. One late afternoon when three boys need something big to entertain themselves, they follow their mischievous young uncle to Euclid Street where they hope to confront the unknown and live to tell about it.

Led by their uncle Terry, Allen, Raymond, and Scott Bannister creep toward the witch's house as dusk turns into night. But when Terry approaches the front door alone, what he allegedly hears and sees causes him to run away in fear and begin spinning yarns that make him look like a true hero and the old lady inside like a true witch. As the embellished stories spread, one tragedy after the other begins to befall the town, causing its residents to take the witch stories more seriously. But when one last tragedy occurs, a mob embarks on a modern-day witch hunt where a shocking truth is finally revealed inside a dilapidated old house on Euclid Street.

In this tale of mystery and intrigue, tragedies begin occurring inside a Missouri town after four boys visit an old house rumored to hold an evil witch and begin spinning exaggerated tales about her existence.

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Dennis A. Morris is a United States Army veteran who is currently attending college full-time. He resides in Springfield, Missouri, where he is hard at work on his next book in the Off the Beaten Path series. The Mysterious Witch on Euclid is his debut novel.


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