From the Ashes
From the Ashes
A Memoir
Perfect Bound Softcover
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During the height of the Great Depression, six-year-old Clint Hall could only helplessly watch as his family's Georgia farmhouse burned to the ground. As it turns out, that difficult moment was just one in many that propelled him on a journey of perseverance that eventually led him from hardship to fulfillment, both personally and professionally.

In an inspiring true story, Hall begins by detailing a childhood filled with tribulations as dire financial times led his family to become migrant workers who moved from state-to-state in search of a steady income. As his coming-of-age journey led him into high school and beyond, Hall reveals how his parents became sharecroppers, why he and his buddy aspired to become animal trainers, how he met his wife, and how he ultimately attained professional success and learned to balance a busy career with family responsibilities. Through it all, Hall demonstrates that no matter what our challenges, it is our stick-to-itiveness that determines our success.

From the Ashes shares the story of one man's journey through life as he learned to overcome obstacles and find happiness in his own way and time.

Both, Clint and Alvin had watched movies of Clyde Beatty taming lions and tigers. So they figured that training raccoons would be a snap! The boys built them a nice cage out of chicken wire but the raccoons didn't cooperate. Needless to say, this plan did not turn out well.
Cliff Hall Sr. is a retired executive and life coach. He currently resides in Salisbury, North Carolina. From the Ashes is his first book.

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