The Tao of Sales
The Tao of Sales
A Conversation About Simple and Fundamental Methods for Success for Sales Managers and Sales People
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Sales is not a battle, a war, or an athletic competition. Sales is a simple process with altruistic overtones and shading and needs not be complicated. In The Tao of Sales, author John Fabiano offers a unique and refreshing look at sales methods that are simple as well as elegant, emphasizing considerations and processes meant to strip away clich├ęs' and lead to a mutually successful and agreeable process for sales people and buyers.

Different from traditional sales doctrine, Fabiano presents an eclectic conversation about effective methods for success in sales based on simplicity, questioning, ownership, ethics, and working smart. The Tao of Sales gives a plethora of how-to tips regarding a simple, organic sales process that is a collaboration between sales person and prospect rather than a competition.

Fabiano uses his personal experiences to underscore many of the methods, principles, and points. Because sales advice and training takes many forms, shapes, and colors, he encourages practitioners make educated choices and to apply what resonates from within. The Tao of Sales is geared for the novice, the beginner, those needing to make choices or changes, and those looking for a better way.

Praise for The Tao of Sales

"As one who has toiled successfully on both sides of the office door-sales consulting and sales management-reading this book felt like a great affirmation of all of the best things I've learned from my mentors over the decades, minus all the bad stuff."

-Patrick Cuccaro, Managing Director, Affairs to Remember Caterers Small Business Advisory Council Alum, Yelp! Past Chairman of the Board, Georgia Restaurant Association Advisory Board, Special Events Magazine

Are good sales people born or are they nurtured and developed from observation, experience, training, curiosity, and imitation?

The question remains unanswered.

The high achievers I met "owned" every piece of what they were doing to bring in the business. Basics, fundamentals, always won out and it was hard to get away from that. Those who had turned their sales process into a Zen like state were top performers. Those who knew the product and the competition backwards and forwards were top performers. Those who took the time to get to know their prospects inside and out were top performers. These were people who didn't compete with their clothes, grooming, and delivery. These were people who could deliver their presentations with their eyes closed, never having to look directly at the slide and who never "read" the slide, but talked from it. Simple fundamentals allowed them to be elegant with all they did.

Sales is not a battle, a war, or an athletic competition, all lay metaphors withstanding. Such assume that the customer is the enemy, the opposition, and is to be defeated implying that the sales person is the winner and the customer is the loser. That doesn't make sense when the object of the exercise is to provide the best and most reasonable solution to satisfy the customer's needs. Sales is a simple process with altruistic overtones and shading and needs not be complicated when reasonable and ethical people collaborate to enact responsible and mutually effective business agreements.

John Fabiano graduated college with degrees in the arts and theatre and was a Graduate Fellow at Wayne State's Hilberry Repertory Theatre. Prior to advancing to the corporate world, he developed audiences for many different performing arts venues.

For over twenty years he worked with distributors and Fortune 500 companies in every state and Puerto Rico eventually ascending to a national sales manager position for a global communications company. This exceptional situation allowed him to observe and experience hundreds of diverse sales people and sales organizations. Such experiences proved to him that basics, fundamentals, and simplicity succeeded above all else and remain the same today, standing out from what had been assumed to be the status quo of previously accepted sales doctrine.

Today an artist and writer, John Fabiano lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Beth.


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