Book Trailers

The Weapon
Veronica Stone is a technology genius and inventor of the groundbreaking holographic cell phone, but she will need more than her intellect to clear her name.
Seeds of Destruction
Dr Jacob Miller, a world renowned radiation oncologist whose cancer patients are dying suspiciously from their cancers after treatment, suspects something sinister behind their deaths-- even murder.
Doom to the Damned
J. Clay Evans discusses his new novel "Doom to the Damned," where greed and corruption can exist behind any palm tree and that there is no such thing as a victimless crime.
Hands on the Railing
Hands on the Railing provides an intimate and personal glimpse into the life of Reverend W.O. Stone, a brave and forward-thinking man, and the people he loved, worked with, and prayed for.
Prez, A Story of Love takes the reader behind the ivy walls of academia into the real-life drama of the human heart.
Flight of the Red Bat and Soul Globe
This pair of novellas by author Veronica Wabbington introduces two intriguing characters: the beautiful Henna and the odious Mr. Alexander
Book of Lyrics
A compelling story of struggle, pride, pain and victory, Freedom Found is a new musical journey for the stage.
Korea, Are You at Peace?
Is there hope for peace on the Korean peninsula? These deeply personal stories of two Western women reveal the almost unimaginable transformation of Korea.
The Kindling Muse
In "The Kindling Muse," mysteries and secret destinies lay hidden underneath Addie's dream life, leaving her to wonder whether she or fate will have ultimate control over her future.
Divine Innocence
Hank uses his addiction pain to his advantage and realizes that simplicity, principles, and befriending himself offers far more opportunity than he could have expected.
Race from the Finish
Since his first soapbox derby, John wanted to break into the NASCAR circuit. His disappointments and setbacks only make him more determined. Where he ends up provides the chance to alter his life’s course … if he is willing to change history.
House of Gideon
On Placidus—a world steeped in deception, misdirection, and blind ambition—all is not placid. In Atlantis and Nivara, an unseen enemy works to tear
SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation
Designed for pastors, church leaders, and those who desire to learn more about pivotal creation issues and how the universe began, SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation probes into the issues of the relationship between scientific knowledge and the Word of God.
Divine Innocence
Hank has always loved experimenting with new things. When his friend Thomas invites him into the Kuwaiti high school’s bathroom stall to try heroin, he somehow knows it will be the mother of all new things.
The Kindling Muse
Sixteen-year-old Addie Flamma has normal goals for a sixteen-year-old: graduate from high school at the top of her class and attend the perfect college, despite growing up under less than ideal conditions.