John Lee Johnson on the Trail
John Lee Johnson on the Trail
John Lee Johnson, Back and Bad
Perfect Bound Softcover
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John Lee Johnson has just retrieved his Texas ranch from the nefarious Purvis Brothers, with considerable help from Federal Agent Levi Brown. Unfortunately, the ex-Confederate has little time to enjoy his ranch before he feels obligated to fulfill a promise he made to a Union officer after a bloody skirmish in Lexington, Tennessee. Before he departs for Ohio, the sheriff warns him about Ridgeway Large, a self-proclaimed half-breed who kills without remorse.

Six days into his dangerous journey, John encounters a girl who leads him to the gruesome scene of her parents’ brutal murders. After determining Ridgeway Large is the likely suspect, John leaves the girl with friends, ignores his previous obligations, and begins a dangerous quest to find the murderer and kill him. But as soon as surly Union officer Frank McGrew learns of John’s mission, he wants nothing more than to exact his revenge for his brother’s murder and send the Texan straight to the gates of hell.

In this historical thriller, a fierce battle ensues between the indomitable will of rebel John Lee Johnson and the overwhelming hatred of McGrew as both seek retribution. But in the end, only one will stay true to his principles.

John said, "You sure you don't want to repeat those words again?" John walked around the counter and holstered his weapons. John pointed at Renfro's sidearm. "That glued to your holster?"

Renfro growled in anger and made a a quick move for his .44. He was late by a mile. John fired two roaring rounds that lifted Renfro off his feet and he feel in a twisted posture in the doorway of the store. John hurdled the dead body and landed on the porch.

Conn Hamlett earned a BA from Lipscomb University and a MA from Peabody/Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. He has enjoyed a diverse career as a Latin teacher, professional wrestler in the NWA, competitive bodybuilder, radio personality, and sports host on 1510 WLAC. When Conn is not traveling internationally, he makes his home in Tennessee.


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